Happy 100th

Photo by Tobyotter

Tonight I watched the trails of pink and blue and green and yellow zip across the sky.

And I enjoyed the fact that I was sharing this first House Honcho achievement–blog entry number 100–with the 234th birthday of my country. I am truly blessed in many ways.

For the first 100 days, you have been very patient with me as I’ve steadied by blogging legs and learned how to manage this site. For the next 100 days, though, my mission is clear:

I want to challenge you to view home management as more than a laundry list of tasks and obligations. I want to encourage you to think of home management as a privilege, a mission, and a responsibility.

Feel the weight and wonder of this opportunity. YOU have the chance to build a home. YOU have the obligation to shape its occupants, fortify its mission, and improve its impact.

Tomorrow I will be unveiling the next new feature of HouseHoncho.com!

These next 100 days will be even better…

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