The Hospitality Diaries

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This post isn’t for my vegetarian friends, my apologies.

On Saturday, I waded into the hospitality waters. And it was eerily . . . perfect.

I decided to invite two people over who wouldn’t care if I burned dinner. In fact, they wouldn’t care if I burned down the whole house–so long as everyone was safe, of course–because they are two people I know well and love much.

And since several of you have written and asked me to share details, I will tell you plainly: I cooked ribs. And the secret to my success was this: Ginger Ale. I set the oven to 350, cooked the ribs completely submerged in the Ginger Ale for 2 hours, removed and placed them on my famously foil-covered cookie sheet, coated each side with BBQ sauce, and baked for 15 minutes on each side.

And then I delivered this heaven on a platter to my guests.

And that is all I will say about food for the present. (I won’t tell you about the hand-picked corn or the blackberry pie.) Because this is not a cooking blog. But let me just say–you can’t go wrong with easy recipes. Now if I can tweak them to make them healthier, everything will be perfect.

Takeaway: It is best to involve each family member in the hospitality plan–as much so that they will receive enjoyment from it as so that you will not be left to accomplish the tasks alone.

2 down. 50 to go. (No repeat guests will be counted.)

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