Let Contest #4 Begin!

Photo by alisdair

Introducing Contest #4

On Tuesday I posed the challenge to our Facebook group to create our next contest. (I am finding out all the time that we have some very creative readers at HouseHoncho.com!)

Robin responded, “Maybe an entry for every real comment posted on facebook,” and I think that’s a fabulous idea!

Our Facebook group does not just exist to collect names. My personal vision for the site is that it would become a useful, practical place for giving and taking ideas that will be helpful in the home. Currently, there are 101 members–plenty of creative minds to promote and provide conversation on any number of topics.

So here are the rules and prize:

1. Post a comment of any legitimate kind between now and next Friday at noon–a question, an encouragement, an agreement or disagreement, an idea, etc. and your name will go into the drawing. 50 comments equals 50 names in the hat. You get the idea.

2. I may select random comments to use in posts throughout this week–and I will give attribution by first name only.

3. For any person that joins our Facebook group this week as the direct result of your invitation–that will equal 5 names in the drawing. Just send me a note via our “Contact Us” page when your friend joins and I will make note of it.

4. THE PRIZE: A mint-condition, vintage apron that will have you singing the hubba hubba. I love it!

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