Living Well

Photo by emilyonasunday

So this week I have been considering the need to live consciously.

Friday seems to sneak up on me every single week. It really shouldn’t be THAT much of a surprise–since it always comes after Thursday and right before Saturday–yet once again, I stand at my calendar slack-jawed, wondering where the week went. Too many of these sneaky Fridays and my children will be grown and my retirement will be upon me.

Unless I live consciously.

Here are the things I purposed to do in my home this week:

1. I wrote out my priorities and tacked the list in a visible spot so that I can be reminded every day why I am alive on this earth. (Maybe I will post that list here for you to read…or maybe you would rather read my grocery list or water bill.)

2. I committed to making small changes where change needed to be made. I didn’t set out to scale any pyramids or carve out any canyons–but I took baby steps toward positive change. And already I am reaping the rewards. (Next month, I will focus this blog on goal setting.)

3. I set aside time in my schedule to do important things. Tonight, for instance, I sat across the table in a tiny coffee shop with a woman who I can already tell will easily become a bestie. We talked about the things that matter–the goals we have–and the people we want to become. And I left that place all the better for it.

Life is too short not to grow every single day.

So…happy almost-Friday.

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