On Resignation and Prioritization

Photo by Muffet

I was going to discuss a reader-submitted tip. That will wait until tomorrow.

Today my boss resigned. And while that isn’t unusual in and of itself–bosses resigning, I mean–her reason for doing so is unique. My boss is a fantastically professional woman. She is beautiful, classy, intelligent, and kind. She has been successful in building a nationally recognized company. And today she turned her back on it all (except for the occasional consulting if invited). Can you imagine why?

She wants to be a stay-at-home wife and mother.

When she announced her resignation and her reason for doing so, the entire room of people stood to their feet in united applause. A sea of men and women around me–who value hard work and success in corporate America–applauded this hugely successful woman for her decision to place her family first.

Make no mistake, readers. The family, the home, and the marriage are not archaic priorities. Deep in the hearts of many who punch a timecard is the desire to care for home and family.

We must not shrink back from what we believe. Valuing the home is a wonderful decision.

She did it. So can we.

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