Put That Away!

Photo by Le Petit Poulailler

Want to change your perspective with one blog post?

Those of you gracious enough to follow this blog know that I am on a kick to find places for every item in my house. (Which is easier said than done, I promise you!) A clean house, after all, is far different than a house where every item is returned to its proper place every…single…time.

Today I would like to talk about the Golden Rule of Item Designation.

Golden Rule: When finding a place for each item in your home, it is critical that the place be ideal in proximity and in feasibility.

Proximity. If the best closet in your home existed in the laundry room downstairs and you decided that you wanted to hang all of your clothing in that closet, you would likely have an issue of proximity. Would you REALLY want to trapse up and down stairs each time you changed your clothes or put away laundry? Probably not. Soon, you would likely see little rebellious piles of clothing piling up in your bedroom.

Promixity means you pick the closet closest to where you change your clothes every day. So that it’s EASY to put items where they belong!

Feasability. The shelf above the refrigerator probably isn’t the place to store your everyday dishes. Sure–it’s in the same room where you do your eating (unlike the closet where you did your changing). But who really wants to climb Kilimanjaro to set the table? Pretty soon you will likely find yourself serving dinner on paper plates every night or utilizing the kitchen counter as your new storage space.

Feasability means you choose the cupboard where you don’t even have to stand on your tip toes to put the dishes away. So that it’s EASY to put items where they belong!

Cleaning our homes shouldn’t be hard. If it’s hard, we need to re-evaluate our game plan.

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