Send it ASAP

Card by Buzza Cardozo (taken from Grandma’s closet)

I have been busy at work tonight, writing a speech.

I am no Peggy Noonan (though at one time in my life I aspired to be) but I am happy with the job I’ve done. So I am going to stop speech writing and work on something much more fun…

I am building a greeting card file!

As part of my initiative to find places for everything in my home, I’ve decided that a drawer dedicated to stationary and greeting cards (like the one above by Buzza Cardozo)–organized by theme (birthday, anniversary, baby, encouragement, etc.) would be in order. Not only will this make life much simpler when I need to grab a card, but I will save money when I realize at the last minute that I need to send something through the mail ASAP.

No more $4 cards for me!

My dividers in the card drawer are simply 4×6 cards standing diagonally with the theme written clearly across the top.

Would you like to receive a card? I’m ready.

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