Shelf It

Photo by ercwttmn

Operation Designation Is in Full Force.

If you come to my house, I am likely to put you in a cabinet.

I am back to the task of finding permanent places for each item in my home. Here are some things I’ve discovered:

1. You can place a shelf anywhere. And while I do not advocate buying shelves to ADD more to your home (since we believe in simplifying on this site) I do believe shelves make great added space if you need it. (Consider putting books on a wall shelf.)

2. You can lift the bed off of the floor and place the legs on bricks. This will add more storage space under the bed (which is space you’re not technically using anyway. This provides added room for suitcases or larger plastic storage bins.)

3. Bookcases aren’t just for books anymore. Consider storing DVDs and CDs neatly in this space. (This is great if you don’t have a large entertainment cabinet.)

4. Jars are gifts from . . . whoever makes them. You can store practically anything in a jar and it looks great! Consider storing bathroom essentials or small, otherwise-loseworthy items like safety pins or ear swabs.

5. Vases are multi-taskers. Ever wonder what to do with the extra vases from all the flowers your significant other brings home? Well. Now you can use them to hold kitchen utensils or toothbrushes. Vases aren’t just for flowers. They make other things look good, too!

I’m having the time of my life finding unusual ways to store everyday items in my home. I want each item to have a designated spot in my house. Do you?

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