Submit, Woman!

Photo by Trisha (This is Italics.)

My husband and I have a fairly jovial relationship.

We have a handfull of nicknames for each other–most of which bear no significance to anyone else. (Among other things, my husband calls me, “Kwanza.” Don’t ask.) We have several common interests, too many inside jokes, and years of shared history.

So I can’t say that my submission to him–in the issues and decisions that govern our home–is a difficult thing. I appreciate his leadership and, for the most part, applaud his decisions without any type of reservation.

But I have met women who struggle with this concept of Biblical submission as Christ intends it.

Not all husbands, I understand, come with the Golden Rule tucked in their back pockets. And many men have weathered personal storms that have left them harsh or critical. Certainly, they are not without blame or excuse if they are making bad choices. But their sin is never a license for us to follow suit.

Here is the thought for this week: Submission, or the lack thereof, to anyone in authority is really only our outward manifestation of our internal submission to God.

This week, as we respect each other, honor our husbands, and love our children–may we understand that the very least of these demonstrations is our offering to God.

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