Trend Watch

Photo courtesy of the I Love Lucy show

It’s one of the things about shows like I Love Lucy that is era-appropriate and utterly charming.

Yes, I’m talking about the double twin beds–television’s decision to keep things as squeaky clean as possible, even in the homes of the married faithful.

But the fact that we’ve crawled planets away from that mentality in our 2010-era television is not the theme of this blog. (Though I am making a mental note to come back to that discussion sometime when my blood pressure is safely under control.)

Today, I’d like to discuss a growing trend–one that has me perplexed.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, they expect 60 percent of custom-built homes to have dual master bedrooms by the year 2015.

Other home experts have suggested that homes with one master bedroom will soon be considered outdated. Perhaps where we used to discuss homes without indoor plumbing, our children will someday discuss the fact that Mom and Dad only had one master bedroom in their house.

[Insert snickering and rolling of the eyes.]

I’m not sure what this trend should be chalked up to, but it’s certainly one worth watching.

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