You Are Cordially Invited

Photo by shimelle

Confession is good for the soul.

So they say, right?

I have a confession. Hospitality scares me to death. I love people, make no mistake of that. In a crowded room, I enjoy meeting and greeting and everything that comes with it. I am not scared to be with strangers. Not a bit. But I am petrified when it comes to preparing a meal or actually going out on a limb and inviting someone into my home to eat that meal!

It’s like the phantom monster under my childhood bed grew into a giant hospitality beast. And I’m pretty freaked out! “Would you like to come into my home and eat my potentially overcooked, under-worthy meal while I ask you fifteen extra times if you want something else to drink?!”

The reasonable part of me knows that there is nothing to be afraid of. The other half isn’t reasonable.

It sounds crazy, but I’m guessing there are others like me. Considering I have hundreds of friends–literally–and have been invited into the homes of maybe half a dozen of them in the last year. (Or maybe two total.)

Well. I am prepared to conquer this fear. Because I believe that hospitality is a critical component of good home management. It’s the part of our homes that exists to serve others. So part of this blog–over the next year–will be dedicated to journaling my steps toward becoming a confident hostess…

I will share with you the tips and tricks, the recipes (some for success and others for distaster) that lead the way. Want to come over?

My goal: inviting 52 people into my home during the next year. Hope you’re ready.

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