2-Sentence Truth

Photo by Andreas Kollegger

The fastest way to change your life is to change your goals.

Yesterday we began discussing the importance of setting realistic goals, specifically in the following categories: Spiritual, Financial, Family, Educational, Physical.

But before we set out to arrive at the destination of our choosing, we must first discover where we are on the map. Part of setting realistic goals is first coming to a clear understanding of our current condition.

For instance, if I determine to clean the upstairs closet before supper, yet fail to take into consideration that the upstairs closet looks like the scene from the worst kind of horror movie, I will likely fail to achieve my goal.

Homework: For each of the five categories above, write two sentences:

Sentence 1: Where you currently exist.
Sentence 2. Where you’d like to go.

Example: Financial

1. I currently have 100 dollars saved for my child’s college fund.
2. I would like to have 1,000 dollars in my child’s college fund by next year at this time.

Don’t take this time to over-analyze whether or not you should want what you want to achieve. This is you being honest about where you’re at and where you really want to be. Perhaps as you do this exercise, you will see that your goal should be a little less ambitious…

But then again…maybe seeing your goal in writing will make you even more determined to work hard.

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