The Ants Went Marching . . .

Photo by Magnus D

There is no better backdrop for a dinner party than the great outdoors.

Earlier this week, I mentioned here on the blog that I invited more people into my home. (For those of you unaware, I recently set as my goal to have 52 people into my home by 7/22/11.)

By the way, I was so proud of this goal that I told my grandma about it on the phone last week, to which she replied, “I used to have 52 or more people into my home on a Sunday afternoon for lunch.”

Thank you, Grandma.

Actually, I love my grandma and know that she is absolutely telling the truth! Hospitality is a cakewalk for her–and likely–for many who were homemakers before guests and home-cooked food gave way to Lean Cuisines and social networks of a whole new kind. What I would give for a slice of her ambition when it comes to opening her home…

But back to my measly effort. I invited 5 new people into my home last week. We ate outdoors and talked until the sun sank behind the trees. The topics ranged from sports to history to arts/entertainment to inventions. No joke.

Takeaway: It is best to have the home fully prepared for company the night before the event. You will sleep better and can focus on the last-minute, necessary tasks the day of the occasion.

7 down. 45 to go.

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