Dream, Dream, Dream

Photo by TorreBarolo

I like to dream big.

As a child, I could occupy myself for hours just thinking and imagining what I believed would be the perfect … everything. You name it and I’ve thought about what would be ideal.

I never dreamed, however, that so many people–in the year 2010–would still take an interest in home management. I thought maybe I’d find a handfull of serious homemakers and we’d collaborate on what works best in our home. (You know–I send you a cleaning tip and you send me a recipe for your aunt’s blueberry cobbler.)

Instead, this website–and I recognize it’s not yet worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize–will reach a half million hits in the next few days. I’ve done very little to spread the word. In fact, I posted the link twice on my Facebook page and sat back to watch it take off like the dominoes I used to line up on my grandmother’s kitchen floor.

And so now I am returning to the drawing board of dreaming big. It’s time to expand what I thought would be a small endeavor.

I want to create bigger and better challenges here on the blog. I want to push you to try new things and meet new people. Home management isn’t just dusting or straightening. The home is essentially responsible for the nourishment of our health and happiness. Millions of dollars are spent on medicine and relaxation and entertainment…when all we really need is a good, clean home.

Are you with me? Let’s dream big and take this initiative to the next level.

(Oh. P.S. Come back for tomorrow’s contest announcement!)

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