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Photo of the original House Honcho website

Wow. I’m not even sure where to start.

(Not to mention, I’m not sure I know how to blog in the middle of the afternoon. Usually I click away on my keyboard long after the crickets and the night howls have bedded down for the night.)

Last night I was notified that my Google account (used for HouseHoncho to-do lists) had reached the maximum number of addresses. (Did you know you could have too many addresses in your address book? Neither did I.)

In the past (almost) 6 months, we have grown beyond anything I could have imagined. We’ve bypassed a half-million hits. I regularly receive a plethora of e-mail from readers (and want to start answering more of the questions!) We have all kinds of requests for worksheets and podcasts. There are several opportunities currently in the works.

For now, we need to switch e-mail servers. You should have an invitation in your box to register with Big Tent. You can do it in under a minute (I timed it). It will give us the ability to continue sending you the same trusty e-mail while growing our readership. Nothing will change. Your privacy will still be our priority. You don’t have to do anything but verify your e-mail.

But, because incentive never hurts, signing up before this Sunday (September 5th) will earn you something sweet. We are in the process of rolling out something very exciting, and YOU will be the first to experience it if you have successfully verified your e-mail through Big Tent. (More on that to come!)

So please, check your e-mail!

Recently, a reader reminded me that “keeping it simple” is the theme of this site. And so–with gratitude to her for reminding me–I will continue to commit to keeping it simple.

Thanks for reading.

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