From Our Table to Yours

Photo by Trisha: This loot could be yours!

Introducing Contest #5

We are ridiculously close to reaching 500,000 hits to our website since we launched in mid-March. Which is really exciting because we are just getting started. We have so much yet to discuss–birthday parties, books, gift ideas, and holidays. (We are gearing up for a super helpful holiday season!)

[Get to the point already, right?]

So here are the rules and prize:

1. THE GOAL: Direct your friends and family to the Kitchen Table Blog between now and next Wednesday at noon and we will add your name to the hat for the hospitality prize package.

2. THE PLAN: Each time you tell someone this week about the Kitchen Table Blog let us know what you did via a comment on the blog. (Feel free to use a nickname–just remember what it is!)

3. THE STRATEGY: Consider using e-mail, Facebook, face-to-face, personal blog entries, etc. Be creative! Each time you spread the word is worth a vote!

4. THE PRIZE: A hospitality prize package: Dinner party invites, a new guest book, place cards, a vintage apron, the book A Life That Says Welcome, and a secret family recipe from my own family vault sure to please an entire crowd.

You bring people to our table and we may bring people to yours!

Let’s get this contest started!

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