Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

Photo by Cyron

God expects us to do more than the laundry.

God expects us to do our tasks … for Him.

God calls us to do more than complete the same duties with the same determination that unbelieving friends and family can muster. He wants us to persevere–to work for Him–with a patient confidence that what He says is true and trustworthy. Simply put: everything we do, we must do for Him.

When the tasks are menial and the weeks unending, God’s glory seems impossible.

When everything goes wrong and the family is unappreciative, God’s glory feels unfeasible.

But thankfully, God doesn’t ask us to complete our duties in our own strength. If He did, we would all be in trouble. No, the same God who commands us to work for Him equips us to do so. So from the dirty dishes to the cluttered closets to the dusty decorations–there is no task that is too large for us to complete or too small for God to take interest.

And for our good and His glory, He is right there beside us.

We can do whatever we are supposed to do…for Him.

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