Goals Are Not Just for Soccer

Photo by grongar
Some things in life are too important to ignore.

On this list of essentials, I include items like love, milk, and goals. (Of course, there are plenty of other necessities–clothing and oxygen, for instance–if you ever want to look people in the eye. But anyway.)

This month I am really excited to begin discussing goals here on the blog. I have found goal setting to be hugely motivational in my home and life. I find–when I lack achievement in general–it can typically be traced back to a distinct lack of proper goal setting.

Additionally, I am contacted by readers who want to know why they cannot accomplish more within their homes. And I have found that the reasons generally boil down to one major theme:

Achievable goals were never made.

I could write pages about this issue, and I will, but not tonight. I am going to take the month of August to talk about what I am learning in the area of goal setting. For me, understanding this concept has been life changing.

For now, I want to invite you to consider the following categories in light of your current goals. Do you have goals in the following areas?


Over the next few weeks, we’ll unpack some important facts and tips that will (hopefully) revolutionize the way you plan!

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