Just Do It!

Photo by Frugan

It hurt my ears. Truly, it did.

A dear co-worker of mine–who I thought understood me on a level others didn’t–explained to me the reason her daughter doesn’t read. “It’s because I don’t like to read,” she said. And I nearly wanted to shake her–except that would alarm her and HR would be nonplussed.

(And, of course, I’ve never actually shaken anyone nor plan to do so.)

But instantly, my mind traveled to ways she could overcome this unfortunate trend. Raising a reader, after all, is critical in a world where children are taught not to think for themselves. My advice to a mother who hates to read:


1. Read together. Read out loud. Read books slightly out of your child’s range. Expand your child’s vocabulary!

2. Go to the library. And select audio books for the car if you have a voice that sounds like an air conditioner.

3. Encourage your child to read what he/she loves. If your child hates horses, don’t force the issue!

Reading is important. Period.

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