Knock, Knock. Who’s There?

Photo by thepinkpeppercorn

It’s time to scrub your pie plates and flex your cookie-making fingers.

We’ve been talking about goal setting this month (more on that to come this week) and I have a goal for YOU! September 26th is nationally recognized as “Good Neighbor Day.”

It’s time to plan some great ideas!

The beauty of this relatively obscure holiday is that it combines so many of our initiatives here at HouseHoncho. For one, it enables us to practice our hospitality. For another, we can establish some traditions. For yet more fun, we can set goals of how we’re going to appreciate those who live around us.

If you’ve wanted an excuse to knock on your neighbor’s door and deliver that plate of Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti, this is your golden opportunity. (Likewise, if you’ve wanted an opportunity to toilet paper their tree or criticize their lawn, this is not the date to do it.)

Neighbors are such an important component of our home life. And while air conditioning has replaced the need to sit out on the porch and chat…and while fast food and take-out has replaced the need to borrow a cup of sugar…ignoring the people next door isn’t beneficial to anyone.

So let the conversation begin. Let’s give each other the nudge we need to meet and greet our neighbors. Ideas? How can we celebrate September 26th?

39 days and counting…

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