Only YOU Can Prevent (Bon)Fires

Photo by dwstucke

I learned three valuable things tonight.

1. Wallpaper is making a comeback. Especially the textured stuff. Just when you thought you’d never have to scrape the evil badness off your walls again … it is coming back. Sing with me now: The paper came back the very next day. Oh the paper came back. It just couldn’t stay away. Prepare to soak and straighten.

2. I hate (no, rather, I loathe) s’mores. After years of avoiding the consumption of them with the same skills with which I avoid adult chicken pox, I gave in tonight. We had company over. What can I say? I toasted the marshmallow (which was truly the size of a football) and ate it between crackers and chocolate. And I’m pretty sure I’d rather serve time than ever do that again. I finished eating the gooey, globby mess and promptly excused myself to “wash my hands.”

In reality, I went upstairs and took a shower.

3. I learned a new de-cluttering tactic. Get rid of anything that does not directly add value to your life on a regular basis. Think of how simplified our homes would be? If you haven’t loved it in the last month, used it in the last two months, or even THOUGHT about it in the last three months…do you really need it? Really?

Good night, Friends.

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