To Whom It May Concern

Photo by RowdyKittens

Tomorrow I will write myself a letter.

Well. Not exactly a letter. Not as in, “Dear John” anyway. Tomorrow I will write my goals for the quarter–goals I hope to reach between now and December 31st. (Each of my goals will fall under the headings we’ve discussed: Spiritual, Financial, Family, Educational, Physical. I will seal them in an envelope and tuck them into my fire safe box. And then I will pull them out and review my progress on December 31st–the night everyone else is just getting started.

Anyone with me?

I find new school years more motivational than new calendar years. Not to mention, if goals are supposed to be achievable, I find it easier to break them into quarter-size pieces instead of yearly initiatives.

Maybe in December when I open the letter I will post a copy here. I know. Now you can barely wait for the holidays.

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