Truth, Truth, Dare

Photo by schoolofeverything

Tonight we are going to play a little game of truth or dare.

Only I am going to tell you two truths and give you one dare. Game?

Truth 1: My to-do list is likely shorter than yours. One of you lovely readers sent me a note a few days ago that included these words, “Somehow even writing [items] down doesn’t motivate me to start/finish projects.”

I love honesty like that. So let’s begin the discussion.

To start with, I have established a go-to system. My to-do list is only 10 items long every single day. I’m not sure if it’s the OCD inside me or the fact that I’ve come face to face with what I can handle, but every day I evaluate what 10 items must get done.

Alright. I’ll address what’s quite possibly running through your minds…”She only has 10 items to do every day?! Where does she live? The SAHARA DESERT?”

No. I just have a very specific set of criteria for what goes on that list. More on that tomorrow.

Truth 2: Did you know that you can make your own microwave popcorn cheaper and healthier than you find in the grocery store? I just learned this today and am bursting (like a little kernel) with excitement. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Take two small scoops (or hand fulls) of regular popping corn and dump them into a brown paper lunch sack.

2. Fold the bag like you would your child’s lunch and place it in the microwave.

3. Using the “popcorn” setting–or perhaps setting the microwave to 2 minutes if your microwave is older than Ghandi–pop the corn until the popping stops.

4. And then your conscience can lead you in the areas of salt and butter.

Now. I dare you to try either of these for yourself.

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