Break It Up

Photo by RowdyKittens

When it comes to setting goals, there’s one way to do it right.

Break the goal into manageable steps.

Recently, I had a loyal reader write and tell me that she enjoys House Honcho, yet she finds it difficult to keep up with even three tasks a day. This is not an unusual challenge. For some of us, finding the time to vacuum the floor takes strength akin to swimming the English Channel.

My response: Break the goal into smaller, more attainable steps. If a goal is too hard, chances are, the steps are not small enough.

Work on achieving one more task today than you did yesterday. Don’t worry about completing the entire list. Do one more thing. Find creative ways and means to accomplish what you set out to do. Dust while taking a phone call. Involve the family in wiping off the kitchen table. See who can pick up the most toys in a given amount of time. Home management doesn’t mean YOU must do everything by yourself.

Today, set out to take one step closer to one of your goals.

BONUS: For those who have asked, here is a recipe for homemade carpet cleaner:

16 ounces of baking soda
10 drops of lemon essential oil
20 drops of lavender essential oil
10 drops of tea tree essential oil

Make sure you blend all of these ingredients well. If the oil isn’t properly mixed into the baking soda, it could stain the carpet. Once it is blended thoroughly, sprinkle it over the carpet, leave standing for 15 minutes, and then vacuum. Store the leftover mixture in a sealed container.

And breathe in the scent of clean.

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