ZZZ . . .

Photo by krystian_o
I just crossed off the last item on my to-do list.

Ironic, really. Yesterday I mentioned that I only ever put 10 items on my to-do list. I like to keep it simple like that. Here are the criteria:

1. The task must not involve regular routine. (I don’t include getting dressed or drinking Diet Coke.)
2. The task must begin that day. (I keep all of my lists together, by date, so that I can simply add a task to a future day if necessary.)
3. The task must be actionable. (Every task begins with an action word: do, call, make, try…)
4. The task must be measurable. (I avoid tasks like, “Become a better person.” Then when? Five minutes ago? Something like, “Spend 10 minutes cleaning the floor” is much clearer.)
5. The task must be important. (You’ll never find, “Get the mail,” on my list. Ever.)

I sit down every morning and determine my to-do list. I pick the ten things that absolutely must get done. There will always be more to do…always . . . so I narrow down my day’s duties to what needs to get done the most. And then, when my list is complete, I allow myself to enjoy what remaining minutes there are before pillowing my head with no regrets . . .

I sleep very well. Speaking of which . . .

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