Cuppa Happiness

Photo by Aurelian Săndulescu

Did you know that on this day every year the nation commemorates coffee?

You know, it’s that wonderfully hot–or cold–fragrant, rich brown liquid that usually draws at least an “ahh” from its consumer. I won’t ask if you’re one such consumer. Considering the fact that 57% of Americans consume this little bit of heaven in a cup every day, and yours truly is among that demographic, I’m going to assume some of you are with me.

Coffee is so much more than a beverage, wouldn’t you agree? Consider it. Some of its finer attributes include promptness, flexibility, and variety. Like Tom Hanks said in one of my favorite movies, “For only $2.95, [you] get not just a cup of coffee but an absolutely defining sense of self.” And what other beverage has such a bevy of nicknames?

More than that, coffee can be one of your best friends. It’s often the friend that gives an excuse for a first date. Coffee is the friend who holds your hand during sad and difficult news. It can be the only thing that binds two otherwise completely unalike people. And coffee is the good friend who encourages us 57% through early mornings and long afternoons.

No wonder there’s an entire day dedicated to this remarkable beverage. So, hey, if you forgot to sit down with your hot cuppa today, don’t fret. We can commemorate this day ANY day!

Why don’t you make a little time, grab a (human) friend, and bond a little over a good cup o’ joe!

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