Falling Ahead

Photo by miller vintage

Fall is my favorite time of year.

It’s cool enough to heat up the oven for homemade pumpkin bread, yet warm enough not to chip ice cycles off the end of my nose. (Which I utterly appreciate.) I am planning to enjoy the pending fall season to its fullest.

The key–as always–is thinking ahead.

Here is what I am doing this week to prepare for Fall:

1. Inspecting the air sealing around the windows and doors to make sure there aren’t gaps or cracks where cool air can sneak in and raise my energy bill.

2. Power washing the exterior of my home. (Good idea to do this BEFORE the water freezes on the outside of my house.)

3. Cleaning out the gutters. (Making way for more!)

4. Scheduling a fall furnace inspection. (Sounds about as fun as clipping Fluffy’s toenails.)

This week promises to be busy, but I want to enjoy the winter without worrying about what should have been done back on a mild day in early September.

Are you with me?

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