Life Lessons

Photo by Firing up the quattro

One of the major differences between our society today and society 50 years ago is the way we interact.

Scientists have said that 150 relationships are the most we can truly and cognitively handle at any one time. Yet, I know few people who have more than a handfull of friends.

Oh sure, there’s Facebook. (What’s your name? Did we go to college together? Oh. Sure. We sat in the lobby of the bank that one afternoon complaining about the clerk. Your daughter’s name is Sarah. You don’t have a daughter? Well. I’ll accept your friend request anyway. Did we attend the same middle school perhaps?)

Like I said, I don’t know many people who have more than a handfull of friends. We hold people at arm’s length. We’re afraid to get invested–knee-deep–into the lives of those who might move away or go through something painful that would require us to emotionally feel around in the dark for what to say or do.

What we fail to understand is the true impact that good relationships have on our homes and our lives. Friends–true friends–offer a type of truth that family and acquaintances aren’t always capable or allowed to extend. They hold up a mirror–by what they say and do–that allows us to see an accurate picture of who we are.

Tonight I sat in my living room across from my very dear friend and we talked about life. My dusting went undone and my blog (until now) sat untouched. I still have a pile of work calling my name. But my grandmother would be proud. (Except for the fact that I failed to offer my friend a slice of pie or cup of coffee. Next time, perhaps.)

But I–and my home–come away richer from the experience.

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