A Little Night Truth

Photo by emrank

Loss is never easy.

Forgive me for straying from my rule that inspirational blogs are limited to Sunday.

Today–shortly before I was given the news that I could lose someone dear to me–I attended the funeral of a five-year-old. So my blogs about laundry tips and coupon tricks will need to wait.
Here is what I know for sure:

It is a theological reality that the perfect will of God for our lives at times includes suffering. Very few people are exempt from dark days or deep waters. Whether a person’s difficult days include a season of winter in marriage or a verbal stoning on the job, the heartache of wayward children or the insecurity of financial ruin, difficulty is certain.

None of us will travel the same path in life, but most of us will experience suffering.

Here is what I also know: God is in control. He does all things for our good and His glory. To the point that He was willing to send His own Son to the Cross, He does what is best.

As I began this next phase of traveling a road on which I am largely unfamiliar, I will cling to that.

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