Money, Money, Money, Mo-ney!

Photo by sushi♥ina

Money really does grow on trees.

If you consider that coupons are made of paper and paper is made from trees …

September is National Coupon Month, and as such, I am going to take 10 days this month to discuss how coupons can positively impact your home. Please feel free to leave a comment with your own experiences. I know several of you are coupon mavens in your own right.

I always get a little green with envy when friends of mine post a photo on their blog of everything they bought for the incredibly low price of nothing. Ever seen those photos? “I bought 18 rolls of toilet paper and 12 cannisters of cookies and 9 packages of paper and the clerk owed ME money!”

Well. Couponing is a growing trend and each of us can experience the benefits if we take a little time to do our research.

Today’s tip is simple: Manufacturers and grocery store chains will often post coupons on their Web site which you can print and take with you when you shop. No need to buy the Sunday paper. Additionally, many stores will actually accept expired manufacturer’s coupons. Don’t be so hasty to throw out the stack!

Something like $4 billion in coupons are printed every year in this country.

Time to start clipping?

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