Paper Weight

Photo by rocknroll_guitar

The scary monster that lived under my bed as a child has turned into paper.

That’s right. I find paper everywhere in my house. It’s the beast I am always trying to tame. As a full-time writer and editor, paper is my permanent co-worker. It follows me to work, sits with me at dinner, and stares at me from my night stand when I’m trying to sleep.

I hate that I have not gone digital. 64 percent of people supposedly do their banking online while I run around the house swatting at floating pages.

One week, I printed so many pages for a project that I came home one afternoon and planted a tree.

Sometimes I think the tree knows it was used.

So this is my new plan. I have chosen Friday–the day we focus on our office space–to be my paper management day. On Fridays, I will take a walk through my house, identify any and all paper that threatens my sanity, and I will file, recycle, or store.

Your days are numbered, Paper.

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