The Stuff of Vision

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It’s not about the stuff.

Homes are comprised of things, there’s no doubt about it. Much of the time we disparage between not having what we think we need and having too much of what we do not need. But our homes are about so much more.

John Piper, in answer to the question, “How can eternity influence a mother’s daily tasks?” said the following:

“If she is totally circumscribed by her little home—with no vision for the world—then I think her domestic scene is probably going to shrivel up on her, and she is going to feel that it is small and constraining. But if she sees it in the wider context of what she is a part of in the missionary enterprise, I think every detail of her life can take on a global significance, indeed, an historical significance.”

And so this week we’ll wash and clean and straighten–important tasks that we are called to complete. But we’ll do our best to influence for that which is eternal along the way.

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