Truth for Thought

Photo by Aunt Owwee

Once in awhile an old truth, said in a new way, resonates in the soul.

Tonight I was going to show you my couponing system (very cool and very helpful, if I do say so myself). But then a friend said something that has stuck in my mind … and the couponing will have to wait. Here is what she said:

Splurge on experiences, not stuff.

And I thought, “You know? That’s the whole mission of House Honcho, really.” Well, actually, my thoughts are never quite that succint. Usually they’re a running ticker of all kinds of things–interspersed with memories of dinner and books and shoes–but really, that is the essence.

Experience is so much more valuable than clutter. The home isn’t meant to house new things we’ll never use. It’s meant to house a family whose main collection is comprised of experiences.

And so, I will leave you to think about that truth and consider the effects it might have on your home.

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