Works Like a Charm (Bracelet)

The time has come.

I want to share with you my couponing system in the hopes that (if you are looking for ideas) you will find this to be helpful. And yes, you can claim my ideas as your own. So long as you don’t try to tell me that you created this work of art by yourself, no one will ever get hurt.

[Deep breath]

Photo taken by Trisha

The photograph won’t win any awards, but the system is fantastic. I use a seven-pocket/portfolio combo that I picked up at a office supply store. Because time does not always allow me to stop and clip coupons the instant the flier shows up in my mailbox, I file the page (or packet or pamphlet) of coupons in my file folder to save for a rainy day.

This is perfect because it helps tame the paper beast that always threatens to take over my house. And it means I won’t lose the paper just because I don’t have time to deal with it at the moment.

When time permits, I pull out the pages and cut away. (This is a great exercise for movie night or phone conversations or as an alternative to panic attacks.)

When the coupons are trimmed, I file them by category in the smaller red accordian file that fits perfectly in the larger system. (I do this because I’d rather not drag the entire filing system to the store. The red file allows me to “grab and go” and leave the uncut fliers and coupons at home.)

I use the front, mesh section of the filing system to store coupons that I plan to give someone else. Why not think of others while couponing? (Though a word of caution here. It is best not to give people coupons about things that might be considered sensitive. You know … don’t give anyone a coupon for hair removal or high power SPANX. Just saying.)

Hope this spurs some couponing prowess.

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