Adoption Wait: (Almost) 19 Months

Photo by viviannedraper

Waiting is a reality of life.

Like Moses in Exodus 33, we pray for God to show us His glory—in whatever life experiences we are called to face—and then we wait for Him to exalt Himself with whatever outcome He has ordained.

But waiting is more than a casual passing of the time—a youthful surveillance of the clock in anticipation of the next desirable thing—waiting, in the most Biblical sense, is active.

Waiting, though it requires us to stand still and fix our gaze upon God, also requires us to hope, to meditate, to believe, to pray, to endure, to rest … to do the things that God has commanded us to do, all the while expecting His glory to be evidenced in His response to our requests.

And so this week, we will care for our homes and our families. We will love the Lord with all our hearts and love our neighbors as ourselves. And we will wait for the desires of our hearts to be met.

This–in the truest sense–is waiting.

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