Photo by qmnonic


Over the weekend, I was traveling with my husband, and somehow we ended up in an upscale neighborhood with incredible homes. A bunch of contenders for Architectural Digest, the houses elicited our appreciation as we drove slowly through the neighborhood to get to where we were going.

And there was one common (surprising) trait amongst them.

None of them had curtains in their front windows. No joke. It was like driving through a well-groomed collection of life-sized doll houses. Due to the darkness outside and the lights glowing inside, I saw straight into the living rooms of a dozen perfect houses. And I realized with clarity:

This is what it means to be transparent.

It was intriguing.

Additionally, it gave me pause as I considered this question: What does my living room look like to guests who see it for the first time? How does my home appear in the eyes of someone who is driving past? It is always good to see something in a new way, isn’t it?

Consider this: The picture at the top of this blog is actually of a dog house.

Today I am rejuvinated to see my home in a fresh way.

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