October’s End

Photo by llsimon53

It’s that time of year …

… when an average of 36 million American kids take part in what could possibly be called the largest-scaled masquerade in the nation.

And though everyone receives the unspoken “invitation” to the Halloween festivities every year, not everyone participates.

Some families feel strongly that they can’t participate in a holiday whose origins, at least in some countries, are connected to pagan beliefs, traditions, and characters. For those who choose not to dress up in costume and go door-to-door looking for hand-outs, the Harvest Party has become their substitute. And there are other groups yet whose convictions lead them to abstain from any celebrating on or near October 31st.

Finally, let’s not forget the group who separates the current-day Halloween from its less-than-desirable Celtic background, and views it as a day to dress up as practically anything and visit houses to collect their sweet loot.

This year, many of the different groups are united on one front. And that is the confusion connected to Halloween’s falling on a Sunday. The New York Times ran an interesting article here about the public’s reaction.

Whether you choose to celebrate Halloween, participate in Harvest parties, or simply leave it to others to do the celebrating, have a blessed and safe weekend.

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