This Is Perfect Peace

Photo by dcJohn

Written for a friend. Written from my heart.

God most high, I call for mercies new. I am weary with distress.
Having born the weight of sorrowing, I am broken–I confess.

In the furnace of affliction, And the wilderness lain bare–
You have never left me wandering–I have always found you there.

Savior, grant that I would honor You. Choose the painful path if best–
Draw me closer to Your holiness–In Your shadow, let me rest.

Mold me wholly to Your likeness, Melt the dross and purge the fray–
Shape and fashion, fortify my steps, In my weakness, lead the way.

Heavenly Father, I have found in You–Mercies new and strength to stand–
Lead me where Your healing waters flow, Guide me with Your precious hand.

Since Your power knows no limits. And Your mercies never cease–
Proffer grace to rest inside the storm–Knowing this is perfect peace.

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