You May Be Counting Candles

Photo by Aih

My birthday is 10/10/10 this year.

In case we don’t survive–given the apocalyptic likeness of a date with three identical numbers–we celebrated it tonight. Here are 10 things I enjoyed:

1. My favorite restaurant, followed by cake and homemade goodie bags (We’re never too old for goodie bags!)
2. 13.3 of my closest friends and family
3. A bonfire (not in the restaurant, thankfully)
4. Handmade crayon-coated cards from sweet little people
5. Lovely jewelry and perfect dishes
6. A list–from my mom–of 30 reasons she loves me (Only a mom could love 30 things about me!)
7. Lots of laughter
8. The gift of a journal [collective sigh: I love a friend who feeds my addiction]
9. A cool card that played cats singing happy birthday: impressive
10. …the way my mind wandered off to next year’s birthday and the promise of an additional family member

Forgive me that tonight’s post isn’t helpful. Though I’m home, I’m far, far away.

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