From Voting to the Reformation: Six Degrees of Separation

Photo by ejhogbin

When it comes time to vote, I find myself rationalizing the whole process.

Does one vote really make a difference? Would it really matter if I didn’t vote?

It’s not that these thoughts are the basis for the decision of whether I vote or not. They’re just the kinds of things I think when visualizing the whole process and philosophizing about my pending actions. What can I say?

It’s the kind of girl I am.

This year, I’m thinking a little differently about the whole process. Yesterday was Reformation Day. It’s the day of remembrance for the actions of one man. He cast his vote based solely on his convictions and faith.

In 1517, Martin Luther penned a document which is now known as the 95 Theses. In it, he questioned–nay, challenged–the practices of the pope and the Catholic Church, and Roman Catholic theology as a whole.

Within two months, the 95 Theses were translated from Latin to German and spread throughout all of Europe.

One man. One vote. Impacting the world for centuries to come.

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