On Bing and Being Hypocritical

Photo by joyosity

“Why is Christmas here already?”

This week, I finally got around to reading Thursday’s newspaper from October 21st, and that was the blaring headline: “Why is Christmas here already?” The story featured a photo of a woman perusing an aisle of lime green Christmas stockings and gold foil wrapping paper.

But before I even read the story, I was heartily agreeing with its premise, nodding like a bobble head. It seems every year that the holidays are rolled out earlier. A week ago, I was in a store that featured Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year decorations.

I nearly asked if they were stocking Valentines, but I didn’t want to know.

I didn’t finish reading the story–I barely got to the part where the woman bought her first ornament of the season–when I found myself unpacking a box of Christmas CDs in my living room, preparing to put one in the player. And then it struck me all at once:

I was guilty of doing the same thing! How could I judge a store for displaying Christmas trees while I listened to Bing Crosby sing about silver bells?

Here is my resolution: I will remain vigilant in my home to enjoy the time that is now. There will be plenty of time for celebrating next month’s holidays next month.

As Bing will soon enough sing, Christmas Is A-Comin’ … but it doesn’t have to be here yet. Not in my house.

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