On Genes vs. Jeans

Photo belongs to Trisha

This Month is National Adoption Month (Part 2)

“Adopted kids have more emotional problems than kids who aren’t adopted.”

Believe it or not, my brother and I heard these words (more than once!) when we were growing up. Well-meaning, non-family members would remind us, on occasion, that as adopted children, we were more likely to get pregnant out of wedlock or do drugs or burn the neighbor’s house down.

(Seriously, thank you, Anne of Green Gables et. al.)

Thus far in our lives, I am grateful to report that my brother and I have staved off the fierce desire to do much more damage than fork our own yard. Though there was that one time …

Wait, no–there wasn’t. We have remarkably non-violent pasts.

Sometimes it feels like people are determined to prove the link between adoption and violence. Ever notice that news reports mention when a criminal was adopted? Ever heard the news mention someone being born C-Section?

Didn’t think so.

Read my lips: Research doesn’t back it up. Even in the worst of cases, good homes trump bad genes, in my opinion. One of the two of us–my brother or me–are living proof.

But you’ll never know which one. Hopefully.

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