Thanksgiving Preparation: Phase 2

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Thanksgiving is two weeks away!

How did your planning go? This week we’re moving into the next phase of our Thanksgiving preparation.

Here’s an entire timeline which includes our task list for this week:

3 Weeks Ahead–Planning Phase
Buy/set up a notebook with dividers
Choose your recipes; test any new ones
Generate a shopping list
Gather coupons and watch sale papers for the best deals
Plan a guest list; send out invites with a Nov. 11 RSVP date
Plan your tablescape
Rent/borrow any items you need now
Work on centerpiece and name places now

2 Weeks Ahead–Preparation Phase
**You are here!

Continue shopping for non-perishables with coupons. Check sale papers for the best deals
Finish any of the tasks you didn’t finish during the Planning Phase

1 Week Ahead–Shopping and Execution Phase
5-7 Days Before Turkey Day
Clean out the fridge to make room for the food as you prep it
Iron linens if using cloth

3-5 Days Before Turkey Day
Start thawing the turkey 5 days before Thanksgiving *see thawing guide in handouts
Follow House Honcho’s daily lists. We’ll get your house in tip-top shape for the main event

2 Days Before Turkey Day
Shop for all your perishables
Start preparing and/or making the dishes that are on the make-ahead list (baked items, cranberry sauces, soups, dips, mashed potatoes; assemble casseroles and store uncooked; cube bread for homemade stuffing)

Day Before
Set the table
Pick up your fresh turkey
Make broth from giblets (excluding liver)
Set up the coffee and beverage bar, if applicable
Brine the turkey *see general brining recipe and principles in handouts
Defrost frozen items

Thanksgiving Day
Cook turkey and allow 30 minutes for rest time after it’s done cooking
Warm pre-made sides
Cook other dishes
Heat bread
Make salad
Make/bake greens
Make gravy **Tip: A pan that’s not non-stick makes better gravy
Carve turkey

Don’t forget that the more you do now, the easier the week of the big day will be for you and those who love you!

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