Called to Duty, Answered in Battle, Guided by Conviction

Photo by U. S. Army

December 7, 1941 is a day remembered by many.

In the wake of years of vocal celebrity outcries against war, I fear this date is debated and picked apart like so many others of its kind. I realize Pearl Harbor is a different animal than other war hot topics in that we, the United States, were forced to retaliate to an attack. However, that doesn’t seem to matter among the naysayers.

I think what I’m really suggesting is let’s not forget to remember on these days. Being passionate about a cause can be a wonderful and change-inducing thing. But don’t forget that those who gave their lives in these protective efforts were passionate about their cause as well. And does it not just stop you in your tracks that you and I, the progeny of these veterans, were ultimately that cause?

Rather than debate, let’s remember today those soldiers who were called to duty. Those fathers, brothers, mothers, daughters and sons who answered in battle. And those brave souls who were guided by a conviction they were so passionate about that they were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. For you and for me.

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