A Colorful Month

Photo by Calsidyrose

Tonight I got caught up watching Barbara Walters’ most fascintating people of 2010 show.

Admittedly, it makes me want to create my own list. I guarantee you this much: The cast of Jersey Shore would never–not if they were the only people on the planet–be included on my list.

The four rules for being included on my list would–at a minimum–be:

1. You must be over 16 years old. (So as to ensure your voice has changed before we hail you the greatest singer in our country.)
2. Repeat number one.
3. You can’t ever–intentionally or otherwise–have shown your face on Jersey Shore.
4. Repeat number 3.

Anyway. For now, please enjoy the photo at the top of this blog. I have a mind to try this at home.

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