Ideas for December

Photo by The hills are alive

We had an advent calendar in my home when I was growing up.

Each day in December, we would take a tiny ornament (roughly the size of your fingernail, unless of course you go to Dashing Diva or one of those salons that clips on plastic nail replicas) and we would add the ornament to a tree my mom painted, on which was placed 25 tiny nails. Each day it was a race to see who would remember to move the ornament.

By the end of the month, the tree was filled with tiny ornaments. We did this every year, long before we understood what “advent” was all about. It’s a wonderful thing to celebrate Christmas the whole month of December. Why not?

Here are 10 ways you might consider “adventing” with your family:

1. Watch a Christmas movie.
2. Take a home cooked meal to someone who would appreciate it.
3. Go caroling.
4. Make a family project of filling out Christmas cards.
5. Read one chapter of Luke every day. (There are 24.)
6. Eat breakfast in bed.
7. Make a plate of cookies for a neighbor.
8. Drive through town looking for Christmas lights.
9. Read a Christmas story.
10. Have a picnic in the living room with candles and music.

Feel free to share your ideas. There are tons of (inexpensive) ways to celebrate!

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