Keep a Little Change in Your Pocket

Photo by erix!

This is my favorite part of the season–reflecting on the previous year and determining to improve upon it. Nothing beats resolutions!

Today, let’s begin the conversation. It’s time to determine what our SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) goals will be for 2011. Let’s do it the HouseHoncho way by selecting 3 items from the following list, knowing it will make a difference in our lives.

Simple Tasks:
1. Make a list of the categories you want to improve upon this year.
2. Determine the number of goals you believe you can reasonably reach.
3. Decide how you will record the goals and eventual progress.

Intermediate Tasks:
1. Record what your goals will be.
2. Determine how you will keep these goals in focus (posting them somewhere, reading them weekly, etc.)
3. Decide who you will ask to hold you accountable.

Challenging Tasks:
1. Break each goal into tiny, achievable parts.
2. Set dates and milestones.
3. Commit to rewards and penalties.

We will feature monthly check-ins about the progress of these goals, so join the challenge. What will you do this year?

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