Out with the Old

Photo by Robert Couse-Baker

Difficulty in this life does not indicate a failure in God’s perfect plan.

Our fingerprints expired. Did you know your fingerprints can expire? We were called back to Homeland Security last week to have our fingerprints re-done. (And let me clarify for you, in case you are wondering: The folks at Homeland Security don’t look anything like they do in the movies. There were no men in black. In fact, I only saw women.)

And, for the record, Homeland Security uses only Canon cameras. There wasn’t a Nikon in sight. Just saying.

And so we went back to Homeland Security. And we ran our fingerprints again.

And as I was standing in line waiting, I was reminded that God has everything in His control all the time. A disappointment on my end does not indicate a disappointment on His. I was exactly where I was meant to be when I was waiting to run my fingers over the computer monitor for the second time.

I am doing God’s will today for my life just as much as my son is doing God’s will for his life.

And so we wait. And we rest in the sovereignty of God.

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