As We Dream by the Fire

Photo by Dimitri N.

One of the few things my comfortable little home lacks is a fireplace.

I can’t say that it ever really bothers me . . . until it is cold outside and I am snuggled up next to my space heater. I am all about aesthetics, see, and there isn’t much beauty in my Lasko model 5345. (Though it is very safe and I love it for that!)

So recently I found the perfect solution to my problem. I bought a WoodWick candle that I absolutely love. When you light it, it crackles like a fireplace. No joke. AND it smells good! What could better than that? (Save an actual fireplace, of course.)

I know this entry is sounding like a segment of The Truman Show, but I assure you, I am not getting anything for endorsing this lovely product.

I am all about candles. What can I say? When I am cozied up next to my space heater–if I light my WoodWick candle and close my eyes–I can almost pretend I am by a crackling fire.

Anyway. Come back tomorrow. I have lots of great news for the new year!

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