Buy None, Get One Free!

Photo courtesy of P&G

I love samples.

There is something fun about standing in line for half a bite of pizza pocket or ripping open a box with a free magic eraser or finding a perfume sample tucked in a magazine. Honestly, I get as excited about the discovery of a free experience as I do the purchase of the whole thing.

I’ve been known to leave my local salon wearing four different perfumes. (FYI: Don’t. It smells like a really bad garden.)

Which is why I was thrilled tonight to sign up for the P&G Brand Sampler.

On the website, I had the opportunity to choose the samples I wanted to try. And there was no need to enter a credit card number or commit to a purchase of any kind. And now I get to wait for the arrival of that lovely oversized envelope with my name on it.


I recently had friends tell me that–during the early years of their marriage–they could nearly eat their entire Sunday dinner at Sam’s Club.

Gotta love samples–

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